Radiation Detectors

AISense Gamma

The AISense Gamma is a world’s first handheld gamma radiation hotspot locator with angular sensitivity. The device features a configuration of several partially shielded scintillation detectors, combined with a proprietary adaptive signal analysis framework. The result is the world’s first compact instrument that provides immediate continuous display of the incoming direction of the gamma-ray field across the full solid angle. 

It is used in localization of hotspots and contaminated surfaces on nuclear installations. Its clean, minimal and intuitive user interface eliminates the need for personnel training. Exposing potential users to the product without providing them with any documentation or giving them training was a part of the design process. 

The device is microprocessor controlled. The user interface consists of a touch screen with few intuitive controls. The direction to the source and the gamma-ray field intensity is continuously displayed.

Personal Gamma Radiation Warning Device - aGent-R

This wrist watch type radiation detection device has a shock-resistant waterproof body tested to IP67 level. This Geiger counter watch is designed for detection and evaluation of gamma radiation using four-levels of threshold. A visual alarm in the form of a LED and a vibrating alarm warn when threshold levels are being exceeded.

aGent-R is best suited for emergency services and law enforcement agencies due to its simplicity and convenience of use for detecting gamma radiation. 

Personal Gamma Radiation Dosimeter DKG-21M

DKG-21M is a direct reading personal dosimeter housed in a ruggedised waterproof body, for use by the Armed Forces, Emergencies and Civil Defense Forces in a dusty battle field environment. It can be used either independently or within the automated system of personal dosimetry control. 

The dosimeter allows storing dose accumulation history with real time reference in the non-volatile memory, and communicating it to the command. In case programmed threshold levels of gamma dose or its rate are exceeded, both visual and audio alarm provides the warning to the user. 

Shipboard Radiation Monitoring Equipment - KDU-6BM

KDU-6BM is newly designed state-of-the-art equipment which allows background radiation levels to be measured, as well as an accurate means of determining the direction of the radiated source. Four detecting units are supplied as standard supply; more can be added if required depending on the size of the ship. 

The equipment is considered essential part of the ship’s life support system and is designed to collect, process, and visualize data onboard a ship and determine the extent of radiation in order to provide crew protection from ionizing radiation and radioactive contamination. 

Multipurpose Dosimeter-Radiometer MKS-UM

MKS-UM is a full-range radiation survey equipment capable of being used in a battle field environment. MKS-UM has been designed on the basis of its predecessor MKS-U, which gained an excellent reputation working in extreme desert conditions, during the United Nations peacekeeping mission to Iraq and Afghanistan.

In addition to gamma and beta radiation, the dosimeter can measure alpha radiation. There is an added possibility to sore and archive measured results with reference to its location. Location and co-ordinates can be further verified with the help of standard GPS / GLONASS receiver. The equipment uses lithium-ion battery. The display indicates the statistical error of measurements. Fitted inside a water proof rubber protective case to IP67, allows the equipment to be used in harsh climatic conditions.Gamma dosimeter with GPS MKS-UM measures gamma radiation dose rate from the background to threat levels. 

When fitted with a remote detector enables the equipment to measure threat levels of gamma radiation dose rate up to a distance of 30 m. The dosimeter is capable of functioning to a depth of 0.5 meters. Equipment is fitted with rechargeable batteries which are charged with the help of the built-in charger working from integral solar batteries.The device has a nonvolatile memory, from which recorded results can be viewed on the inbuilt display or on a PC.

Dosimeter-Radiometer МКS-05 - TERRA with Bluetooth channel

One of the best products of “ECOTEST” trademark range, which has been exported to over 70 countries. Terra measures the level of gamma background, beta contamination, accumulated dose and its accumulation time. Prompt evaluation of gamma background is performed within 10 seconds. Using GS Ecotest application tool, measured results can be transferred to smartphones and tablets running Android™ OS via Bluetooth in real time. The GS Ecotest application tool is available on Google Play. Measured results can also be transferred to a personal computer.

TERRA has a large display with luminescent backlight, which simultaneously indicates units of measurement, measurement error, threshold level and real time, as well as ten-segment analog indicator of registered radiation intensity. The dosimeter has a built-in memory for 1200 measurements. Sound, vibration and sound plus vibration alarms are provided for convenience of use.  

Dosimeter-Radiometer MKS-11GN - SPRD SPECTRA

SPECTRA radiometer is a highly-sensitive & compact device intended to detect, localize and identify radioactive and nuclear materials by their gamma and neutron radiation as well as the amplitude gamma spectra. It is used to prevent illicit transfer of these materials across the state borders, as well as at the companies and institutions dealing with radioactive materials.

New generation scintillation detectors with the silicon photomultiplier ensure high thermal stability of the device and entirely eliminate the “microphone effect”. The device offers an outstanding user experience due to its innovative design, compact size, large colour display and a 45 hours continuous operation time.

Radiation Survey Device DRG-T

It is a radiation survey equipment that generates signals and commands for crew life support systems.

The equipment is designed for installation in special-purpose vehicles, in particular in CBRNE reconnaissance vehicles used by civil defense, and armed forces. It is used for continuous monitoring of gamma radiation exposure dose rate. DRG-T provides audio and visual alarms of dangerous levels of gamma radiation and generates commands to start the actuators of protection equipment. The device is protected against shock and vibrations.

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