Our Partners

Nushka is represented by a group of highly skilled individuals with a proven track-record in the defence and security sectors who are able to provide comprehensive professional advice across a broad range of products.

First Line Technology

First Line Technology provides high efficacy decontamination products that can decontaminate Chemical Warfare Agents(CWAs),Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs), Toxic Industrial Materials (TIMs) as well as biological and radiological agents from personnel, personal protective equipments (PPE), sensitive equipments and critical infrastructure. 

BBI Detection

BBI Detection specialises in the development and supply of innovative technologies for the detection and decontamination of biological threats, explosives and narcotics. BBI is committed to creating and supplying innovative technology that will meet capability gaps across the CBRNe field to support military, first responder and security markets. 

Hispano Vema S.L.

HISPANO VEMA S.L. is a leading manufacturer of CBRN Decontamination equipments, Collective Protection facilities, Mobile water treatment systems, Field Camps and Hospitals. Most of the equipments are NATO codified, and are built to highest quality standards including AQAP 2110 standards. The company offers customized solution to customers’ needs, focusing on state of the art equipment for rapid deployment, effectiveness and efficiency during field operations.  


AIsense produces handheld gamma radiation hotspot locator with angular sensitivity which is known to be first of its kind. The company is based in Slovenia. Company has recently launched their latest detector which provide identification and classification of the radiated source and an additional facility to detect neutron radiation.

Serstech AB

A company based in Sweden specialising in detection of chemicals in solid and liquid forms using Raman Spectroscopy with emphasis on liquid explosives, narcotics and Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs). 

Limited number of CWA agents are included in the latest library.


Ecotest is the trade name of Scientific and Production Private Enterprise “Sparing Vist Center” which is one of the leading developer and manufacturer of radiation detection equipments for naval vessels, reconnaissance vehicles, shelters and for individual soldiers and civil defense personnel. The company is based in Ukraine.  

OPEC Systems

The protection of personnel in a contaminated environment is the number one priority of any military or first responder organisation and with the increasing risk of TICs and to a lesser degree CWA contaminates being released either intentionally or during an accident, having the best equipment ready to deploy is key to responding effectively for any organisation. OPEC Systems is able to source, supply and deliver training in the use of a variety of personal protective equipments through an extensive network of leading protective garment suppliers. Be that requirement for a splash protection for minor spill clean-up, military/police garments for operations in domestic or international theatres or a fully encapsulated suit for HAZMAT operations , they have a cost effective solution to meet these needs.

Observis Oy

Based in Finland, Observis Oy is a privately held limited liability company established in 2010. The company develops and supplies comprehensive situational awareness systems for mission critical, environmental and industrial monitoring applications.


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