Perimeter Security & MDS

PERIDECT+ - Perimeter Intrusion Detection System

PERIDECT+ detects an intruder directly on the boundary of the protected area and gains sufficient time for the security operator for an effective reaction. It brings lower risk and higher prevention of larger damage than intrusion detection inside the protected site. Peridect+ can be installed on all common types of fencing but also on non-standard fencing like metal plates and welded decorative fences. It protects the perimeter of power plants, prisons, civil and military airports, factories, but also shopping malls, apartments and other applications with high-security demand.

PERIDECT+ and PERIDECT perimeter intrusion detection systems are certified and fully compliant with EN norms and standards and their technical capability is approved by the National Security Authority.  

MDS – Movement Detection System

MDS detects any hidden person located in the interior or cargo area of the vehicle. MDS detects even low signals such as heartbeat. MDS uses a simple, non-invasive measurement method. It is a passive detection that has no side effects for the human organism or nearby devices.

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