Explosive And Narcotics Detectors

Explosive Detection IMASS™ Device

The Explosive Detection IMASS™ provides a fast detection of various known explosive materials. Used by military, police, border security forces and other first responders, the device can detect explosive particulate from surfaces, solids and liquids using an integrated sponge. The sample is passed to a number of test strips simultaneously which provides visual results for military grade explosives and multiple homemade explosives in no more than 3 minutes. 

Narcotics & Cannabis Test Kits

Narcotics & Cannabis Test Kits offers test facility for presumptive identification of drugs by first responders and border security personnel. The Narcotics single use test strip and sample transfer swabs are provided in light, air and waterproof sealed packets in a discreet wallet.

These test kits

  • Accurately identify multiple Drugs of Abuse
  • Reduce manual handling, with no exposure to hazardous chemicals or other dangerous materials
  • Long shelf life of 18 months

Serstech 100 Indicator

The Serstech 100 indicator (Serstech 100) is a handheld Raman Spectrometer for fast and accurate measurements and identification of unknown chemicals including explosives, narcotics, Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICs) and Chemical Warfare Agents (CWAs).

Capable of identifying thousands of substances, Serstech 100 quickly and accurately identifies unknown solid and liquid chemicals.Therefore it is a valuable tool for military personnel, hazmat teams, bomb squads and drug enforcement agencies.  

Serstech 100 can detect explosives or narcotics in solid or in granular form through a transparent or a translucent container or a bag.Serstech 100 can also detect liquid explosive inside a clear bottle from outside without coming into contact with the liquid inside.

The detector is produced by Serstech AB from Sweden.

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